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Moonshine Home and Garden
Home and Garden - 1L
Home and Garden - 500ml
Home and Garden - 5L

Home and Garden

Moonshine Home and Garden is a diluted version of our Nutrient Enhancer, Home and Garden is a natural blend of plant extracts which is completely bio-degradable, it is not hazardous to human health or the environment.

An all natural organic product that boosts growth and vigour in practically every area of the plant without altering your EC.

Our unique formulae makes Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer the perfect partner for any other nutrient line enhancing the performance of any existing products without altering the feed strength.

With this organic booster expect to see stronger root systems, quicker flowering times, bigger fruits, better aromas and plants with an increased resistance to stress!

Directions: Use at a rate of 1ml per lite from seed to harvest.

Active Ingredients: Molasses 8%, Kelp 8%, Oil Seeds Extract Mixture 4%, DeMineralized Water 80%.  Made in the UK

Storage: Keep in a cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Caution: Not for human consumption.



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great value (Home and Garden)

Stars from elvin84

A welcome addition to the range, home and garden is giving my plants that extra boost they need without denting my pockets too much, seeing good results in all stages of growth compared to the plants I did not give this too

elvin84 - Hobby Grower


luscious leafs (Home and Garden)

Stars from suzieq

Been using this for a couple of weeks now and my plants leafs have turned a lovely luscious shade of green looks very happy and healthy

suzieq - Hobby Grower


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