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Moonshine Buffered Coco Coir and Clay Pebble Mix

Buffered Coco Coir and Clay Pebble Mix

Moonshines Buffered Coco Coir / Pebble Mix is a high quality mix that helps keep your plants roots aerated.

We source only the highest quality coir and pebbles and have strict quality control procedures

Storage: Keep indoors out of reach of pets and children.


50L - £15


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Nice Mix (Buffered Coco Coir and Clay Pebble Mix)

Stars from pebbledasher

Been using buffered coir for a couple of years now and thought I would try this with the pebbles, the mix is lovely quality with no strange lumps and bumps. Half way through bloom and plants are very happy

pebbledasher - Hobby Grower


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