4 Hydroponic Gardening Myths to Leave Behind This 2021

Hydroponics is a new-era method to grow crops in an urban environment. Not everyone is blessed with acres of healthy farmland, but people do love to have their selection of veggies readily available to them. These systems can be placed in a garage or even in a small apartment area. They can receive growth as strong as those that grow on soil thanks to all-purpose plant food.

While these are gaining popularity in today’s urbanised world, some people still buy into the various myths of investing in a hydroponic garden setup. There are always talks about how a plant nutrient enhancer or a hydroponic growth solution isn’t good for the body, or how there are plenty of chemicals involved in the maintenance. Today, Moonshine Global is here to debunk the various misconceptions about the wonderful world of new-era gardening:

1. Hydroponics Doesn’t Provide a Natural Growth Process

Hydroponics is just as natural as any other plant growth because plants survive using their abilities to absorb nutrients wherever they are placed. Whether they’re in soil or a planting medium with a hydroponic growth solution, they will still grow if they are cared for properly. In fact, some even say it’s safer and faster to grow crops using these urban gardening setups because of how contaminated rainwater might cause the outdoor plants to absorb excess minerals. It’s easier to control hydroponic crops’ nutrient uptake with the right plant nutrient enhancer and good all-purpose plant food. 

2. Hydroponic Plants Are Genetically Engineered

Soil farming is often more problematic when caring for crops, as there are plenty of contaminants and even pests that can affect them. In fact, most soil crops you buy in the supermarket are genetically modified to be larger and more resistant to the various factors that can damage them. They might also be filled with pesticides due to the mass-growth requirements, making it hard to control each plant. You easily control hydroponic crops’ growth to determine what kinds of nutrients to give it, and how much water and plant food they get. 

3. Starting Hydroponics Is Expensive and Complicated

Seeing hydroponic gardens and setups online might look intimidating, but rest assured that those complex mechanisms you see are for the advanced gardening enthusiasts. Not many people are aware of the various beginner kits you can purchase online or from your local vendors. You’ll just need the seeds, the planting medium, and an excellent hydroponic growth solution to start the process. You won’t have to test to ensure that the soil is fit for plants, or if the conditions around you are growable. With a simple kit, you can start growing your own crops and plants no matter what the weather is outside. 

4. The Crops from a Hydroponic Garden Taste Like Chemicals

If you use chemicals unfit for crop growth or potent fertilisers, the crops you plant will definitely taste strange no matter where you grow them. If you use a natural plant booster with your hydroponic system, you might even have better tasting and healthier vegetables you can use for your meals. Stay away from strange chemicals and other potent substances and stick to the natural products to give your hydroponic garden a good boost. 


Your hydroponic adventure doesn’t have to be complicated with all the products and technologies available today. No matter what your skill level is with gardening, hydroponics is the easiest way to get into the whole hobby. Planting and growing your own vegetables is a great way to live sustainably without the hassles of needing a large plantable land plot to have a line of crops. 

Moonshine Global creates the best hydroponic growth solution that is all-natural from plant-based sources. We can help your garden thrive and grow healthy and tasty crops in no-time. Contact us today to learn more about our wonderful bio-stimulant for your hydroponic garden!