5 Benefits of Choosing Healthy Soil When Growing Crops

Did you know that the soil plays a significant role in the growth of any plant? Healthy soil is necessary to grow healthy crops and high-quality food. It is also the soil that supplies the crops with all the oxygen, water, nutrients, and root support needed by plants to flourish. 

A soil is considered healthy if it serves as an ecosystem for organisms that take care of vital processes like nutrient cycling, converting decaying organic matter, preventing plant disease, and improving soil structure. All plants, except for hydroponic plants, depend on healthy soil for life. 

Whether you are an experienced grower or new to gardening, you must know some of the benefits of choosing healthy soil for your crops: 

1. It absorbs water and filters pollutants to improve water quality for the plants

In a way, the ground is like a sponge that absorbs rainwater and stores it for future use. It also reduces the evaporation of water and minimises the occurrence of erosion. As such, it can effectively remove pollutants and increase the quality of water for the crops.

2. It helps provide nutritious food

Keep in mind that healthy soil improves the quality and nutritional value of the food produced by plants. How does the soil do that? It provides plants with the necessary nutrients for their growth and strengthens the crops’ natural resistance against plant diseases and destructive pests. All these affect the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables produced, as well as the forage for the grazing animals.

3. It contributes to the cleanliness of the environment

The soil has the capability to recycle raw materials and convert them to something that nature can reuse in the future. Aside from that, it helps filter water. It also aids in the reversal of global warming as it absorbs the harmful carbon from the atmosphere, where it serves as a greenhouse gas. It is undeniable that healthy soil plays a vital role in keeping the earth as clean as possible as it also produces healthy crops that give us fresh air to breathe. 

4. It provides a home to microbes and a plethora of other organisms

Because of its ability to soak up water and nutrients, it creates the ideal environment for the growth of organisms like earthworms that help plants’ growth. That means the soil also contributes to biodiversity and the balance of species.

5. It contributes to economic security

One might not realise it at first, but as healthy soil helps with the growth of good crops, it also improves farms’ productivity and provides stability and profits for the growers. With that, it contributes to the economy of the town or region as well!


These are just some of the benefits of a healthy soil – a few of which may be surprising to you. Who could have guessed that the soil, which most people take for granted, can do so much for the growth of your crops and for the protection of the environment and the improvement of the economy? 

More people should understand the importance of healthy soil and do their part in ensuring that the quality of the soil used for growing crops is maintained to keep enjoying the benefits that come with it. One way to do this is by not using harmful chemical pesticides and choosing to use only natural soil nutrient enhancers that do not have any adverse effects on soil health and quality.

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