New Year, New Skills: Why Hydroponics Is a Must-Try for 2021

One of the biggest surprise trends of 2020 was that a lot of people got really into gardening. Now that we’re entering 2021, it’s the perfect time to try new things—like hydroponics. It’s basically a way to grow plants through a soilless solution.


A common misconception, because “hydro” essentially means water, is that water makes up the soilless solution. While it could very well be water, it’s not necessarily that. Any inert growing medium like sand or perlite can be considered soilless solutions, as well as nutrient solutions. As long as it’s not a traditional potting mix or, well, soil, it’s considered hydroponics.

Easy Does It

While it understandably seems like a complicated undertaking, hydroponics is actually incredibly basic. Were you one of the kids who did the “floating potato” experiment as a child, wherein you suspended a potato with toothpicks in a jar filled with water? You waited for the roots to grow underwater and for green shoots to come from the top part, right? That’s already hydroponics!

All you’ll need aside from plants are a light source, an inert hydroponics medium, hydroponic nutrients, a hydroponics system and time.

Hydroponics System

A structure that holds inert media like water and lets plants grow is essentially a hydroponics system. Examples of this include A-frames, towers and trays. There are two categories: the aggregate culture and the solution (liquid) culture. 

For the aggregate system (small clay pellets, sand, gravel) roots grow into whatever medium is being used. For the solution (liquid) system, roots grow directly into the solution filled with nutrients. Both methods provide a consistent supply of the three essentials for plant roots to grow: oxygen, nutrients and moisture/water.

Depending on your comfort level in terms of growing hydroponic plants, there are various systems available. These are aeroponics, drip, ebb and flow, nutrient film technique, water culture and wick, among others.

A wide plethora of commercial suppliers have hydroponics system, largely similar to “grow it yourself at home” kits. You can easily find more information to make a better decision as to whether you need kits, which are usually the simpler ones for beginners, or systems, which are either advanced or entirely commercial.

There is a lot of room to be able to create your own system. There are a number of hydroponics system designs available for free on the internet. One key advantage to building as well as designing your system is you’ll be able to make your hydroponics system according to your exact needs. More importantly, you can accommodate the precise kind of plants you’re looking to grow and make provisions for better plant nutrition.


Gardening is not just a flash in the pan trend from 2020. It is actually a very productive hobby that has thankfully carried on. In the new year, one way to do a fresh take is to explore hydroponics. No matter what age you’re at, it’s an excellent way to bond with your family and learn yet another new skill.

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