4 Excellent Ways to Use Liquid Fertiliser Concentrate

Liquid concentrate fertiliser is an excellent solution for people who want to grow indoor gardens but don’t want to haul in large bags of organic fertiliser in their homes. It’s a potent mixture that packs plenty of nutrients, which is why gardeners use it in diluted amounts. Besides being an obvious solution to sustain your soil’s nutrients, it also comes with several benefits that can help you in raising your crops. Liquid concentrate fertiliser gives you a jack-of-all-trades solution to care for your plants’ health.

The versatility of liquid concentrate fertiliser

Plants can be pretty demanding of their gardeners, especially in handling different aspects of their growth. For this reason, liquid concentrate fertiliser makes for a versatile product that can help you in solving your crops’ various problems.

Here are four ways you can use liquid fertiliser concentrate to help your plant grow:

1. Use it to promote faster growth on starter plants

The best way to take advantage of liquid concentrate fertiliser’s high-nutrient properties is by introducing it early on to your starter plants. The solution is two to three times more potent than your regular transplanting solution. Measure how much liquid contrate you’ll need by using one cup per foot of row before you place your seeds. When pouring the solution, make sure to avoid washing the light seeds out of the soil’s furrow.

2. Use it as a plant booster

You can use it as a booster solution for your organic fertiliser that’s already in place in your garden. Doing so allows you to maintain your organic fertiliser for a long time while hastening the maturity of your plants. When applying it to long-season vegetables, such as eggplants and tomatoes, you will need to apply it two to three times in intervals of two, five, and eight weeks after setting them on your garden plot.

3. Use it as a foliar spray

Liquid concentrate fertilisers used as foliar spray are more effective if it has a diluted solution. As a general rule, one tablespoonful of liquid concentrate is enough to mix with a gallon of water. Depending on the crop you’re raising, whether they contain short or long-season plants, you may need to apply it at least once every three weeks. Make sure that you’re using a pressure sprayer made for fertiliser spray applicators since these contain siphoning apparatuses that connect to your garden hose.

You should pay attention to your liquid concentrate fertiliser’s label since not all brands are safe to spray on leaves. However, if the product’s information indicates that it’s safe for foliar feeding, it also follows that it’s good to use for promoting root growth.

4. Use it as a 2-in-1 pesticide and feeding solution

When it comes to raising plants, their growing conditions are far from being your only concern. You also need to be wary of pests that can harm and weaken your crops. Most variations of liquid concentrate fertilisers can combine with pesticides to make a two-in-one solution of feeding your plants and controlling pests. Similar to foliar feeding, the manufacturer will also include on its label whether it’s compatible with certain pesticides.


There are many ways to grow your crops, whether you choose to raise them traditionally through a healthy plot of land or from an elaborate hydroponic setup. Whichever gardening technique you fancy, you should be equipped with the right tools and materials to help you in sustaining your plants’ growth.

Ensuring that your plants grow strong and healthy requires the use of organic materials that can help them fight off disease while hastening their growth rate. If you need to purchase plant enhancers in the UK, such as foliar sprays and soil nutrient enhancers, browse through our online catalogue of products today to find the perfect solution to your gardening needs!