Hydroponic Gardening: What You Need to Know before Starting

Hydroponic gardening is a modern method of growing plants without soil. It uses a nutrient-rich solution in delivering the ingredients that plants need to grow strong and healthy. Because of this new method, hydro gardening may not be easy for gardeners to adapt to.

The versatility of hydro gardening

You can plant almost anything with a hydro garden setup. The only aspect that’s limiting you could be your experience in gardening and the space that you’ll allot in cultivating different plant types.

In this article, we will share three tips to help you plan and begin your hydroponic garden setup:

1. Cater to the right plant type

Hydroponic systems can be categorised into Liquid culture or Aggregate culture systems. For the former, or solution systems, plants grow directly under the nutrient-filled solution. This setup works best with shallow-rooted plants, such as radishes, spinach, and different types of herbs.

Aggregate cultures, or medium systems, make use of a growing medium like sand or Hydroton to support the water system. These systems are excellent for growing heavier plants, such as vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and squish. They are also effective in cultivating herbs with deep roots like chicory, beets, and comfrey.

2. Evaluate your indoor space

The amount of available space is a crucial factor in considering how you want to plot your hydro garden’s layout. If you’re planning to grow vegetables and fruits, you need to make sure that you can accommodate a large amount of space. Although you can choose to grow these plants with small spaces, you won’t achieve the same level of quality and number in terms of harvesting the fruits of your labour.

If you have a compact indoor space, you can still create a hydro garden setup by limiting your options to leafy greens and small-rooted herbs. These plants are fast growers and can be harvested regularly so that you won’t have to use a big space in taking care of their needs.

3. Consider your experience

If it’s your first time in the gardening world, it is best for you to choose plants that are easier to grow. Avoid raising plants that have complicated requirements, such as specific humidity conditions and increased levels of nutrients for their growth. Although hydroponic gardens are easy to maintain, you may have to go through a more challenging learning curve if you’re growing plants that have demanding requirements.

If you have more experience in gardening and want to try out hydroponics for exotic and complex plants, you can do wonders with using a hydro garden setup. Some gardeners grow full-size fruit trees on hydroponic systems alone. If you have the time and effort to experiment, you can even grow fruits, such as melons, pumpkins, and even shrubs like blackberries and honeysuckle.


Contrary to popular belief, hydro gardens aren’t just great for small indoor spaces, but can also be alternative gardening systems for large outdoor spaces in your garage, greenhouse, and patio. You can expand and experiment on your systems to more advanced gardening networks that make up for deep root support with trellis extensions. Hydro gardening has limitless possibilities in developing your love for growing plants.

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