4 Hydroponic Gardening Mistakes Every Gardening Newbie Should Know

Hydroponic Gardening is a type of gardening that involves growing plants without soil. It is a method especially common when one doesn’t have too much gardening space, such as in a condominium or home without a yard.

Whether you’re looking to get into hydroponics because you live in a small space or just want to try gardening without soil, familiarising yourself with the common stakes is a great way of improving your yield.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid as well as tips on how to avoid them from happening:

MISTAKE #1: Providing your plants with insufficient lighting

Although natural sunlight remains the best for plants, artificial lights in an indoor setup can be a good substitute. Artificial lights serve as replacements for sunlight in your hydrophobic garden. The lights encourage photosynthesis to occur and help plants grow and reach maturity quickly. If you make the mistake of providing your plants with poor or insufficient light, it may inhibit their ability to thrive and produce. 


Modern LED lights or light-emitting diodes usually suffice to generate enough quality lighting for your plants. Different types of plants have different lighting demands. Once you have the proper lights, you should learn about the lighting needs of your plants. The proper placement of your light setup is also the key to successful plant growth.

MISTAKE #2: Failing to measure pH levels

The pH level is the level of acidity of the soil or water. Your plants may not be growing in soil, but they still need a healthy, nutrient-rich environment. To provide your plants with the best environmental conditions, pH level should always be measured. All plants have different pH requirements. No matter how much water or nutrients you provide for your plants, a pH level that is too low or too high can cause their roots to burn and eventually perish. 


Make it a point to measure the water’s pH level regularly. pH testers are affordable and easy to use so you have no excuse. Try to test it once every two days and adjust the right level of pH accordingly. 

MISTAKE #3: Crowing your plants and inhibiting their growth

Hydrophonic gardening was made for plant hobbyists who want to grow plants despite the lack of outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean your plants will grow well when crowded into too small a space.


When planning your hydroponic garden, put in mind that your plants will need more space as they grow. Consider the space your little plants will need at full size and adjust accordingly. If you want to grow more plants, why not create a little greenhouse or convert one corner or room in your house into a little garden?

MISTAKE #4: Providing your plants with a toxic environment

This is a mistake not only hydroponic newbies make. Plants need to be growing in a healthy environment for them to thrive. All the factors affecting its growth—the air, the water, and its fertilizer—should be balanced and free from any chemical pollutants. 


Use an organic hydroponic plant enhancer for your garden. As much as possible, go for an organic mineral plant feed that will not alter the pH balance of the environment or contain any carcinogens or PGRs (plant growth regulators).


Plants need the proper environment for them to thrive and grow. As plant owners, you are responsible for providing your plants with adequate nutrients, space, and lighting. Take note of these common hydroponic gardening mistakes and do your best to avoid them for a beautiful and healthy yield!

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