Our Guide to the Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Your System – What to Know

Plants need to feed on nutrients to grow and flourish, most of which can be found on soil, air, the sun, and even the beneficial organisms surrounding the crop’s area. However, growing hydroponically means that the plants lose access to essential nutrients, which is why you have to manually and accurately provide them. 

Failing to deliver the right mix of nutrients at the right time can compromise the growth pattern and overall health of the plant. Plants are also sensitive to the number of given nutrients, so doing your homework on hydroponic growing is the key to a fruitful experience and harvest. 

What is Hydroponic Growing? 

This is a method that uses mineral nutrient solutions to grow plants without the aid of dirt or soil. A hydroponic system uses gravel or perlite to act as a filter for the water solution, making it a highly controlled and convenient method for those who have no access to outdoor growing conditions. 

Not to mention, having the right control on the given nutrients means it has the potential to produce plants at five times the rate of the soil. 

Choosing the Right Hydroponic Fertilizer

If you’re just dabbling into hydroponic growing, choosing the right balance of nutrients can be tricky. With so many options in the market, picking the ideal combination can make or mar the health of your plants. That’s why most sell hydroponic nutrients as sold as premixed liquid solution or in powdered form. 

Liquid vs. Powdered Fertilizers 

1. A Closer Look at Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers are the easiest to use as you only need to add the recommended amount to the system, making it an excellent choice for rookie growers. A liquid nutrient solution from Moonshine Global, for instance, provides a premixed solution with a 3-2-1 NPK ratio for those who have no time, resources, and confidence to create a powdered fertilizer. 

2. A Closer Look at Powdered Fertilizers 

Also known as dry fertilizers, this type is sold as a two-part powder mix containing calcium nitrate and the primary nutrient solution. Conversely, this type of fertilizer requires more knowledge as it involves mixing two separate powders to create the ideal solution. 

This is the ideal choice for larger-scale productions as the powdered mixes come cheaper as it doesn’t include any water weight to pile up on the shipping costs. 

Recommended Hydroponic Nutrients for pH Control 

The Bottom Line: What is the Importance of Hydroponic Nutrients?

Using the right nutrients for your hydroponic system is crucial to the overall health and growth of the plant. For one, the right solution can boost the yield, increase the quantity of the crops, as well as promote a stronger structure. 

This makes hydroponic nutrients a stimulator, most of which aim to fill in any deficiencies of your plants. With that in mind, the guide above should clue you in on the basic choices for the ideal fertilizers to use according to your needs, budget, and growing conditions. 

If you’re looking for a powerful plant biostimulant in the UK, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.