4 Tips on How to Maximise Your Root Enhancer – Our Guide

Most plants are accustomed to growing in a medium that provides a host of beneficial bacteria such as soil. Comparatively, nutrient solutions fall short, which is why it can be beneficial for growers to manually add specific bacteria into their hydroponic system. 

That’s why many growers utilize high-quality rooting enhancers as it contains specially chosen bacteria that is designed to promote root size and plant health. With that in mind, you can make the most of your root booster by following a few measures: 

Tip #1: Use an Unobstructed Medium 

Your choice of medium can make or mar the growth of your plant as it will need to cater to roots that can develop to its full potential. This means that cleaning or replacing your medium every growing season is a must to ensure that the environment is free from old debris that may disrupt the oxygen update of the roots. By creating a safe and free space, your roots can achieve a stronger, bigger, and thicket state

Tip #2: Combine with Beneficial Fungi 

Rooting enhancers have different bacterial designs that meet certain specifications. With that in mind, there are highly-advanced enhancers that contain the necessary strains of bacteria that plants need to germinate. 

In addition to enhancing the root’s growth, the root enhancer should also promote a wealth of beneficial bacteria to protect your plant from mould and mildew contamination. These fungi can also strengthen the plant’s defences against harmful microbes and break down old materials within the medium to enhance the nutrient intake within the solution. 

Keep in mind that your rooting enhancer can only do its job if the beneficial fungi are present in your hydroponics system, so it’s in your best interest to introduce plant supplements with the mentioned pathogens. 

Tip #3: Combine with Nitrogen Fertilizers

Rooting enhancers are designed to promote nitrogen uptake, which means high-quality brands should consist of rhizobacteria or PGPR. By combining PGPR with nitrogen fertilizers, you can improve the performance of your plant’s production and increase its overall yield. 

This is a must-have in your root enhancers in spite of the influx of nitrogen within the given atmosphere. Plants don’t have the ability to convert nitrogen found in the environment, so certain bacteria found in root enhancers aim to help the plants convert nitrogen into beneficial food. 

Tip #4: Adjust Your Environmental Factors

Establishing a hydroponics system requires a fully controllable environment, which is why adjusting your root enhancer according to the design of your grow room can help promote holistic health for your crops. 

This includes maintaining a pH balance of 5.6 in your nutrient solution to ensure the plants are taking in the right amount of nutrients. Meanwhile, most plants thrive in a tropical environment, though it’s in your best interest to adjust the temperature in a way that does not cause nutrients to evaporate quickly. 

Introducing different organic material into your updated system ensures the environment mimics the benefits of a soil environment, which promotes better root growth and a more robust growth pattern. 

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