Our Guide to Root Stimulators for Plants – What to Know

Many plants need a boost in its initial stages to establish a strong root structure that can support the plant as it grows. After all, a healthy root system ensures your efforts are not in vain as it keeps your crop robust and sturdy. That’s why seasoned growers use fertilizers rich with nutrients to enhance root growth, though root stimulators are the better option if you’re looking for a quick yet effective fix. 

What are the Different Types of Root Stimulators? 

Before investing in products that enhance your plant’s root growth, it’s important to get to know the different root stimulators available for you to choose from. Taking away some rudimentary pieces of knowledge in each type ensures that you buy a product that is legitimate and effective.

With that in mind, the hormones and chemical agents that you need in a root stimulator includes the following: 

1. Auxins

Hormones are a critical component in honing the strength and development of a plant. In that regard, auxins serve as one of the most important hormones that stimulate root growth. Auxins such as indoleacetic acid (IAA) are natural components of plants, which is responsible for elongating cells and the promotion of cell wall plasticity. 

In addition to regulating the development of a plant’s root structure, it also enhances a plant’s ability to produce buds. Auxins are primarily used for boosting root production and breathing new life to cut stems, but be sure to avoid overdosing your plants as it has the potential to cause leaves to drop. 

2. Gibberellic Acids

Another important hormone found in root stimulators is Gibberellic Acids, which is necessary for germinating seeds and producing robust stem structures. 

3. Thiamine 

Also known as vitamin B1 to humans, Thiamine adds to the list of must-have hormones as it plays a pivotal role in your plant’s growth. Conversely, humans naturally produces this organic chemical and is widely popular in vitamin therapies for those suffering from deficiencies. 

As for the plant’s health status, thiamine is crucial in its growth as it provides nutrients through the root zone from the leaves. This ensures every part of the plant has a taste of the healthy hormone. 

Why You Should Use a Root Stimulator for Plants

Some plants need a helping hand when it comes to constructing a reliable root system in its first few stages of life. That’s why fertilizers and root stimulators are created to ensure quality production and assist plants in developing strong roots. 

The healthier the roots, the bigger the roots, so boosting your crop’s root structure is the key to improving the vegetative phase of plant growth and help it achieve its full potential come harvest time. 

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