5 Benefits of Foliar Nutrition for Boosting Plant Growth – Our Guide

Ensuring that plants receive the optimal nutrient intake is crucial in developing a sustainable farm and land management for the economy. That’s why the agriculture industry continue to find ways to conserve soil and water resources. Conversely, this leads to a more efficient use of mineral and organic fertilizers.

What’s Lacking in Soil? 

All the nutrients and minerals necessary for a plant’s survival are present in soil. However, several environmental conditions can deplete the sources and put a cap on the nutrient bioavailability for plants. This includes a lack of phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and other micronutrients missing in a typical soil solution. 

That’s where foliar application comes into play, which allows you to maximize nutrients by feeding plants directly to the leaves using a liquid fertilizer. 

How Does Foliar Application Work? 

As mentioned above, foliar application is done by feeding plants directly through their leaves. With that in mind, the plant needs to have a higher leaf area index for it to handle more than one application of foliar fertilization. 

Note that you need to pay better attention to its nutrient intake and day temperature to keep the leaves from burning. Meanwhile, you can enhance the effectiveness of the foliar nutrition by ensuring the source is water soluble. Other tips to improve your foliar fertilization include: 

  • Spray during the cooler and more humid hours of the day
  • Spray when wind is low
  • Never spray plants under stress
  • Test for possible side-effects
  • Always clean the spraying bottle and all its parts with fresh water after use

When done right, foliar application can boost plant growth and enhance its yield. Other benefits include the following: 

Benefit #1: Corrective Nutrition 

Foliar sprays promote corrective measures for treating nutrient deficiencies. The direct approach ensures a fast-acting and highly effective result compared to root uptake, meaning that foliar application is the best choice for plants that need immediate correction. 

With proper feeding and optimal intake of nutrients, plants can thrive and become stronger as a whole. The newfound robustness are essential for developing a resistance against diseases, pests, and other environmental factors throughout its growth. 

Benefit #2: Growth Boosting 

There are specific stages in a plant’s growth that can make a significant impact on the end result. When foliar spray is applied on the right time, it can improve the physiological processes of the plant. 

With a better guidance and proper nutrition in the right phase of the plant’s life, you can reap a fruitful harvest as foliar application ensures optimal development and does not hold back in producing quality yields. 

In Conclusion

When you’re struggling with ineffective soil fertilization for your plants, practising foliar application may be the greener solution you need to maximize the necessary nutrients for boosting growth. 

When done properly, foliar sprays has the potential to fill in the gaps in soil solution and provide an optimal nutrient intake to promote a healthy growth. In addition to improving its quality, it also boosts the final yield. With the help of foliar application, you can increase the likelihood of growing the cream of the crop come harvest time. 

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